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Our shop at GenesisLand has a variety of Israeli arts & crafts, herbs and spices used in our Mediterranean kitchen and meaningful souvenirs.

Genesis Land Shop

Between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, within the beautiful rolling hills of the Judean desert, lies the boutique shop of “Genesis Land”.
This is the same very place where Abraham, our patriarch, walked with his family, and lead his herds.

This atmosphere inspires us at the shop, and guides us in what we choose to bring to you.

Our shop has a variety of Israeli arts and crafts, as well as exclusive and unique creations from local artists, which can be found only here.

We have also developed a line of privately labeled products which can be purchased in our shop, and which we use in the “Genesis Land” kitchen. Such as: Herbal Tea, Date Honey, Turkish coffee and Mediterranean spices.

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Genesis Land Shop

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Genesis Land Shop
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